Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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Lincoln University College, Malaysia (e-ISBN:- 978-967-2819-14-1) in collaboration with

Lincoln Research and Publications Limited, Australia (ISBN:- 978-967-2819-05-9)

The Growth of Ecotourism – Ecopreneurship the Means – An Introspection

doi: 10.31674/book.2022se.001

Biswajit Bhadra

Department of Commerce, Netaji Nagar College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India Army Institute of Management, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Ecotourism is now widely acknowledged as a potent instrument for protecting forests, wildlife, biodiversity, and beautiful landscapes. It accomplishes this through developing viable, alternative sources of income for people that depend on forests, as well as public and decision-makers are becoming more aware of conservation. To ensure that the communities are interested in the conservation of forests and wildlife, it is crucial to create a sustainable flow of non-extractive financial advantages from the environment for the communities in order to endorse community control and managing the environment. Perhaps the only way to achieve this is through ecotourism. In order to make ecotourism more attractive and effective, ecopreneurship is one of the most important professions that will provide proper guidelines for the enrichment of ecotourism. In this article, an attempt has been made to explore to what extent ecopreneurship contributes to the growth of ecotourism in India.
Keywords: Environment, Ecotourism, Ecopreneurship

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