Advances in Science Education

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Lincoln Research and Publications Limited, Australia in collaboration with Lincoln University College, Malaysia

Publication date: 25th June 2021

About this book

During the present pandemic situation, the whole world has been emphasized to accept the new-normal education system. The students and the teachers are not able to interact between themselves due to the lack of accessibility to a common school or academic building. They can access their studies only through online learning with the help of gadgets and internet. The whole learning system has been changed and the new modern learning system has been introduced to the whole world. This book on Advances in Science Education aims to increase the understanding of science and the construction of knowledge as well as to promote scientific literacy to become responsible citizenship. Science communication can be used to increase science-related knowledge for better description, prediction, explanation and understanding.

Education of science and technology is at the heart of the sustainable development. The first paper by Debarati Dey discusses about the Importance of Science Education to Achieve Sustainable Society.

1. Importance of Science Education to Achieve Sustainable Society

Debarati Dey

2. Experiential Learning Analysis of Impact on Students About Literacy of Insect Conservation

Manish Kanti Biswas

3. Interdisciplinary Education Trends in School and Higher Education A Review

Shamba Chatterjee, Sucheta Das

4. Problems of Science Education and Research

Madhu Kumari Gupta

5. Action Research Purposes, Principles, Practice and Evaluation

Jhimli Sengupta

6. Free and Open Source Software as Powerful Tools in Teaching and Learning Science in the 21st Century

Ranjan Das

7. Concept Mapping In Science Education

Lalita Das

8. Understanding the History and Philosophy of Chemistry is the Cornerstone of Chemistry Education

Amrit Krishna Mitra

9. Skill-based, Problem-based and Research-based Learning

Divya, Shivam Rai, Md. Nazrul Islam, Khurshid Anwar Khan, Tina Chakrabarty, Arnab Kanti Giri

10. Science and Legal Knowledge with Special Reference to IPR

Shivam Rai, Divya, Tina Chakrabarty, Arnab Kanti Giri

11. Innovations in Science Education with Special References to Chemical Sciences

Subhas Chanda Bhat

12. Systems Thinking in Chemistry Education

Debolina Mitra

13. The Role of Green Chemistry Education for Sustainable Development

Harisadhan Ghosh

14. ‘Virtual Lab’ is a Promising Supporting Tool to Teach Next-generation Science Aspirant

Amit Saha Roy

15. Science Education Nurturing an Interest and Sparking a Desire to Learn More

Madhushree Das Sarma

16. ICT as a Powerful Tool in Education – An Overview

Subhadra Roy

17. Participatory Learning Method as an Effective Tool of Learning for Students A Case Study

Damayanti Bakra

18. Issues and Challenges in Innovation in Science Education

Subhashis Bala, Hari Shankar Biswas

19. Fruit Chromophore Selection for Reactive Modification of Plant Biopolymer Exudate and its UV-VIS Study

Soumya Mukherjee, Himadri Mullick

20. Revolutionizing Science Education through Virtual Laboratories

Suchandra Chatterjee