Emerging Concepts in Chemical and Biological Sciences

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 25th June 2021

About this book

Major developments in chemistry, molecular cell biology and genetics have enabled a deeper understanding of numerous life processes around us. However, much remains to be explored and revealed. The purpose of this book is to provide a more complete theory of emerging concepts in chemical and biological sciences.

Cancer is still a terrible and overpowering disease in present society that has only treatment but not cure. L-asparaginase has been a basis of cancer treatment due to its effective application in the cure of lympho-proliferative disorders and lymphomas along with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It has been detected that pegylation and immobilization of the enzyme can make it more effective anti-neoplastic agent. As more and more advances are made, more comprehensive understanding of the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of asparaginase will bring better efficiency as well as the maximum utilization of the enzyme as an antineoplastic agent.

L-Asparaginase: Challenges and Development of Next Generation ASNase Therapeutic Molecule

Adrija Bose, Ahana Bhaduri, Suvroma Gupta, Mukesh Singh

Exploitation of Medicinal Plants

Amit Saha

Methylglyoxal: A Short Review

Lalita Das

Benthic Macroinvertebrates as Fine Descriptors of Pollution: A Review

Sobhana Palit (Paul)

Understanding Suicide Attempt and Suicide Ideation in Patients: The Potential of Biomarkers for Rapid Detection

Debdeep Dasgupta, Punyasloke Bhadury, Saikat Baidya

Structural Studies on C-type Lectins Using Molecule Modeling Techniques

Madhumita Dandopath Patra

Status, Threats and Impacts of Biodiversity Groups in Sundarbans Ecosystem: A Review

Damayanti Bakra

Effect of Seasonal Drought on Ichthyofauna of a Rainfed River

Lina Sarkar

Isolation and Screening of Some Food Grade Lactic Acid Bacteria for Biosurfactant Production

Sucheta Das, Koyel Das, Moumita Barik

Comparative Study of Sequence Specific Protein-DNA Interaction by in vivo Gene Expression in Gal Operon

Gitashri Naiya

Evaluation of Anticancer Activity of Physcion and Emodin Isolated from Ventilago madraspatana

Madhushree Das Sarma

Longhorned Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) of Dooars, West Bengal

Manish Kanti Biswas

An Overview on Food Preservatives

Mominul Sinan

In vitro Study of Cell Migration by Matrigel Invasion Assay

Subhadra Roy

Imaging Beyond Optical Light Camera Technique: A Short Review

Subhasis Bala, Hari Shankar Biswas

The Importance of Sustainable Development of Natural Products in Global Health Care

Tulika Chakrabarti, Prasun Chakrabarti, Deepak Vyas, Sandeep Poddar