Recent Trend in Physical Sciences

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Lincoln Research and Publications Limited, Australia in collaboration with Lincoln University College, Malaysia

Publication date: 30th November 2021

About this book

The study of life and living organisms, their life cycles, adaptability, and environment is referred to as biological sciences. Bioinformatics, genomics, metagenomics, proteomics, enzymology, agriculture and marine microbiology, bioremediation, medicinal chemistry, and nanotechnology are among the fast-increasing biological sciences covered in "Recent Advances in Biological Sciences."

The editors would like to thank all the authors for their contribution in such varied topics that will help to create awareness in various aspect of life. Editors are also thankful to Principal, Surendranath College, Kolkata, India, Management of Lincoln University College, Malaysia and Lincoln Research & Publishing Limited, Australia for giving us the necessary permission to publish this book. We are also thankful to Department of Biotechnology, Government of India for providing the financial assistance. This book provides the latest technologies, advanced methods, and unexploited research areas involved in varied fields of biological science research. Each chapter is written by experts in their respective fields of biosciences and comprises of future advancements in life science research.

1. Photocatalyst- Chataracterization and Application in Photochemical Water Splitting

Ayan Sarkar, Sounok Sen, Abishek Kumar Jha, Sourav Misra

2. 1,3-Dibromo-5,5-Dimethyl Hydantoin (Dbdmh): A Useful Brominating Reagent in Organic Synthesis

Kaushik Bhagat, Harisadhan Ghosh

3. Synthesis, Characterization and Structure Modelling of Graphene Oxide

Shashi Kant Singh, Hari Shankar Biswas

4. A Brief Idea About Protein-Protein Interactions Modulators

Saumik Mal, Boijoyanta Howlader, Apurba Biswas

5. Metal Organic Framework: A Future Tool for Nano-Catalysis and Drug Delivery

Prince Saha, Srijita Bhowmik, Supriya Mondal, Suchandra Chatterjee

6. Artificial Molecular Machines with Bio-inspired Mechanisms of Natural Molecular Devices: An Overview

Arghadeep Sarkar, Suchandra Chatterjee

7. Variational Monte Carlo Approach for Solving Quantum Mechanical Systems

Rohit Kumar Thapa, Subha Pritam Pal, Soumyadeeep Mandal, Sourav Mitra

8. A Review on the Phenomenological Theory of Phase Transitions

Argha Deb, Animesh Mallick, Avijit Sen Majumder, Deepanwita Das, Eram Tanwir, Asok Kumar Das

9. Characteristics of the Detectors for Nuclear Radiation

Indranil Sadhya, Jamal Uddin, Mihir Kumar Das, Naved Akram, Nilay Sankar Chattopadhyay, Prasanna Kumar Mondal

10. Optical Phase Locked Loop Advancement

Poushali Mallick, Pritam Mandal, Rahul Paul, Santanu Moi, Purnendu Prakas Pal

11. Coulomb Blockade Effect in the Context of Set

Rajibul Islam, Rajdeep Saha, Snehasis Mondal, Ranjit Maity

12. Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Coherent Atomic Media

Arin Bhattacharya, Abhasita Das Munshi, Abhiroop Ghosh, Anand Singh, Aparajita Das

13. Limitations of MOSFET Scaling and its Solution

Ishan Saha, Mohammad Javed Imam, Bonsari Choudhury, Haridas Kanji, Budhaditya Das, Emona Datta

14. A Comprehensive Study of the Past, Present and Future of Solid-state Drive

Subhrangshu Hait, Shib Shankar Biswas