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‘Swiggy’s’ Sustainability Drive: The Debut Tale

doi: 10.31674/book.2022se.007

Bipasha Ghose Dastidar

Department of English, Netaji Nagar College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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The concept of entrepreneurship has been important, with its varied dimensions all paving the way for sustainable development. The article is an effort to look through the success story of Swiggy and all the factors responsible for making it reach this top-notch position. The former, essentially based upon the secondary data, also tries to explore the notion of a ‘helping hand’ extended by the former. Chiefly speaking, the immense appeal of serving the masses, especially during Covid times continues to be an inspiration on the part of the enterprise for generations to come.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Swiggy, Success, Top- Notch, Helping Hand, Inspiration

The notion of sustainable entrepreneurship refers to the process of mobilizing new resources that would lead to various activities, thereby bringing structural changes both socially and environmentally. As against this backdrop, one cannot ignore the advent of sustainable practices and their adoption by current enterprises, which have cast a deep influence on societal developments as a whole. Thus, it can be rightly asserted that a lack of sustainable organizations will eventually lead to a vacuum in terms of sustainable development and therefore leave an emptiness for the near future. All Swiggy’s safety measures to battle the Covid fear included hygienic delivery for both consumers and personnel coupled with steps to initiate consumer awareness which led to a massive increase in trustworthiness on part of the former (Bapna, 2020).

The writings that have been referred to for this article have dealt with certain dimensions. One such has been the article by Amit Bapna (2020), which essentially highlights the safety measures taken by the food delivery app, Swiggy, for ensuring adequate supplies to its consumers. Besides these, its major focus has been on the newly developed techniques, all of which ease businesses and foster consumers’ confidence. Apart from the above, as highlighted by Prachi Gupta (2019), Swiggy’s essential enterprise harps upon the concept of electric vehicles as a measure towards sustainable development, where a pollution-free environment coupled with the startup’s profitability act as the key concerns. Anirban Sen (2018) emphasizes the fact that every startup needs to chalk out lucrative avenues for its development, which calls for stronger teamwork and other effective utilization of opportunities. The onset of ‘new normal’ has added another feather to the former’s cap, where people’s protection, including that of its own team, had been of the utmost necessity. A sound care accompanying a proper fulfilment of their needs all have largely enabled Swiggy in setting an example for the upcoming startups in the future.

Unveiling ‘Sustainability’: an interpretation Entrepreneurship as a subject matter relates to developing new businesses, or, in other words, unveiling the capacity to innovate through new technologies commonly referred to as startups. As against this milieu, one cannot ignore the notion of ‘sustainable development’ which denotes the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, as mentioned in the Brundtland Report of 1987. The Brundtland Report’s central themes being social justice and human development, it seeks to accelerate social equity thus promoting an equitable distribution and utilization of resources. Therefore, it can be said that sustainable entrepreneurship as a concept involves discovering, creating, and subsequently making adequate use of commercial opportunities that shall finally contribute towards social and environmental gains within society. Besides this, there is the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda with its firm commitment towards economic affluence combined with planet protection, which has been followed by all entrepreneurs for positive conservational effects through their creativity.

India needs to move further by establishing new ventures that will push the way for greater novelties on the one hand, while also allowing for the unfolding of various potentials on the part of its citizens on the other. Noteworthy within this context is the Startup India initiative, announced by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, on August 15, 2015. This endeavour targeted towards building an ecosystem for flourishing inventiveness and startups in the country which would foster economic growth besides opening the doors of employment opportunities.

Swiggy to get set go!: an analysis

The startup ventures have made things accessible, thus adding to the profitability of different enterprises. One such endeavour had been made by Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini through Swiggy, India’s largest food delivery service. Nevertheless, one cannot forget the factors responsible for Swiggy’s accomplishment. One such reason happens to be its broader logistics chain coupled with an efficient engagement and modern technologies. The startup with an employment of a vast amount of people for delivery, which led to the insertion of delivery charges for customers, along with its able management system, all carved the way for huge profits. All the above had been emphasized by Swiggy board member Vishal Gupta, who said, “Zomato, UberEats and (Ola’s) FoodPanda are credible players, but food delivery is not their core business. They can’t do what Swiggy does day in, day out” (Sen, 2018).

As against this milieu, one cannot overlook the role Swiggy played during the onset of Covid 19. Swiggy’s care package, commonly referred to as ‘Swiggy Suraksha’ was notable owing to its provision of Rs.14,000 for 2 weeks to all the COVID affected delivery (Business Standard, 2021). Adding to this, the affected families would also be entitled to receive hospitalization cover of upto Rs.1.5 lakh accompanying a life insurance limiting upto Rs.5 lakh in case of an untimely death of a delivery partner. The startup’s Covid relief extended up to the provision of income support for one week for the delivery executives during the period of bereavement. This finds expression in the words of Swiggy’s Chief Operating Officer, Vivek Sunder. As asserted by him, “With Swiggy Suraksha, we are making sure that our delivery heroes also have the necessary support-including a 24X7 hotline for medical emergencies, access to doctors for themselves and their families, income support, free access to vaccines, hospitalisation cover for themselves and their families if affected by Covid-19” (The Economic Times, 2021).

Swiggy’s inventiveness of a ‘Care Corner’ deserves special mention, through which home-cooked food, medicines, etc have been made accessible to all. The food delivery facility had become hugely popular among the people owing to its newer practices to protect its delivery persons, adding to its raising gains thereby accentuating the startup’s overall (Tech Desk, 2021). One of its various measures is Swiggy Genie, or the venture’s pick up and drop-off service. The second wave of this pandemic witnessed a massive rise in the availability of oximeters, thermometers accompanying over the counter (OTC) medicines. This had been hugely smoothened by Swiggy Genie which extended its reach to maximum people as was visualized in a 350% increase on account of OTC medicines through the former. Vaccination, an extremely essential antidote against the Covid menace was taken up by Swiggy owing to the former’s declaration of vaccinating over 2,00,000 delivery executives. This same scenario had been evident in instances of Amazon and Flipkart who equally contributed towards this vaccination drive by arranging adequate vaccine supplies and spreading awareness regarding this need of vaccines for a corona free environment in the days to come.

The environment’s well-being: a concise view

Entrepreneurship relates to originations on the one hand, whereas on the other hand, it also takes into account the notion of eco-friendly protection through an effective utilization of its resources that would set an example for future generations.As against this backdrop, comes the role of cycles made in use by Swiggy to complete nourishment distributions. The use of Electric Vehicles has been a vital step towards ensuring sustainability. This food tech enterprise had been seeking sustainable development by reducing carbon footprints, zero emissions all to made possible through the use of EV’s. The young entrepreneurs had been remarkable enough through their previous efforts regarding the use of E-rickshaws for delivery purposes in cities, namely Lucknow and Delhi, to name a few.

This EV mechanism opted for by Swiggy had been hugely applauded, as had been visible in the former’s joint projects with other companies. Noteworthy within this context is Swiggy’s agreement with Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) for constructing an EV ecosystem coupled with battery swapping stations throughout various parts of the country. This, being necessary for sustainable development, had been illustrated in the words of Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog. According to him, “The Indian industry must continue to work towards driving the adoption of EVs as a part of the nation’s overall efforts to transition to sustainable and environmental-friendly mobility. Swiggy’s commitment in this direction is a welcomed development. I urge other industry players to factor EVs in their business and operating models for a sustainable future.” (Peerzada, 2021).

Summarily, then, it can be said that entrepreneurship demands newer business ideas in accordance with a way of life. Entrepreneurship and sustainable development share a closer connection with each other. This has been broadly highlighted by the emerging startups for whom profitability associating itself with gaining the topmost position amongst all remains an utmost priority. The startup schemes have in the recent times left no stone unturned in looking after the people’s expectations which have played a crucial role behind these flourishing enterprises as had been evident during the advent of Covid-19. Therefore, it can be said that though it is true that the growing establishments have been serving the society through their inventive efforts in almost every field this is to continue along with environmental protection that would set an inspiration for all the upcoming endeavours within the world stage.

Words shall fall short for expressing the author’s gratitude to the College Principal for giving this valued opportunity. She is immensely thankful to all the members including the entire publication team associated with Lincoln University College for all their support. She also is obliged to all the writers of the writings she has referred to while formulating her article. She is also thankful to her family for their support in all matters.

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